Frequently asked questions

How do I book tickets?

Using our travel Portal buktravel.com or send Email.to support@buktravel.com  to get


How do I make the charge?

 We accept all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards,Net Banking Mobile Payments through TrakNPay Payment Gateway and more options are available while making payment on line through our site.

How do I make a cancellation?

By sending a Email to support@buktravel.com giving PR Number and ticket details. Also

you can directly request Airlines issued your ticket for cancellation with your ticket details and the same should be be immediately email to support@buktravel.com for arranging necessary refund.

All cancellation charges are subject to the each Vendor’s own terms and conditions.

I've lost my ticket printout. How can I retrieve my Bookings?

You may print by means of print e-price tag through our internet site or sent Email to us with your booking information and we will sent you the E-ticket

What are the cancellation fees for excursion packages?

Cancellation fees can also vary relying on destination (country/town) in which the package is booked for and additionally at the cancellation date. Please take a look at with our customer support team for precise details.

What if no show?

No display (non-use of reservation) : in case you do not make use of your reservation and fail to touch us to cancel it in a stipulated time period as distinct above, we'd not be in a function to return you any amount pertaining for your booking.

What should i do if my payment fails/debited?

Mail us on supprot@buktravel.com 

Is my tour facts covered?

Sure all the information supplied to us like your touch info, passport and visa information, price and your journey plans could be stored as a mystery.

How do i sign up with buktravel.com

In case you need to check in now, please visit sign up option….